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Following the main mission phase the operation of the satellite is now entirely open to radio amateurs with an interest in experiencing satellite communication with the COMPASS-1 CubeSat.

The satellite receives commands in DTMF tones on the VHF uplink frequency of 145.980 MHz. Downlink of Ax.25 UI data packets is on UHF 437.405 MHz in either 1200 bps AFSK or 2400/4800 MSK, depending on the on-board setting.

Of course, for receiving the periodic Morse code beacon (once every 3 minutes) in UHF frequency 437.275 MHz you do not need a ham license, but only the necessary receiving station.

An example of a beacon can be downloaded here.
An example of an AFSK 1200 bps packet can be found here. Packets in MSK 2400 bps is here and in MSK 4800 bps is here.

Mike Rupprecht (DK3WN) has published several tools for decoding beacon and packets and can be found at http://www.dk3wn.info/sat/afu/sat_compass.shtml

Uplink Commands

DTMF Tones Description
**30## Switch to AFSK 1200 bps
**31## Switch to MSK 2400 bps
**32## Switch to MSK 4800 bps
**35## Request a test beacon
**36## Request a test packet (Ax.25)
**60## Request housekeeping data (Ax.25)

For more commands, please get in contact with us.


The COMPASS-1 team appreciates very much the great and ongoing effort of hams from around the world, who not only contributed in the collection of mission data but also actively helped to recover the satellite during a few critical situations. In fact, their help cannot be underemphasized, as the satellite would have surely been lost once or twice without their help.

Felix, DO3FKA, and Kevin, DG9KK, from Aachen University of Applied Sciences, responsible for mission operations


Mike Rupprecht, DK3WN from Germany


 Alan Cresswell, ZL2BX from New Zealand


 Bob T. de Varney, W1ICW from USA, Vermont


Toshio Kasei, JA1GDE from Japan


 Iji Yoshitomo, JA6PL from Japan


Tetsurou Satou, JA0CAW from Japan


 Douglas C. Papay, KD8CAO from USA, Michigan


Robert A. Smith, NH7WN from USA, Hawaii


Colin Hurst, VK5HI, from Australia


Mark L. Hammond, N8MH, from USA, North Carolina


 David O. Guimont, Jr, WB6LLO from USA, California


Henk Hamoen-Lankheet, PA3GUO from The Netherlands


Jim Stahl, AC4AV from USA, Illinois



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